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‘OOH will be more innovation & ROI driven’

By Bhawana Anand - July 16, 2020

Nishant Jaiswal, VP Marketing, Adda52 believes that OOH will undergo major changes in the coming times

Marketing strategy

“Adda52 is a data driven company and all marketing decisions to optimise and scale are also driven by data. As a market leader, we shoulder the responsibility of building the category, and increasing the consideration for the game amongst masses. With focus on branding we target to grow new user intent and trials.”

Media consumption patterns & choice of media channels

Nishant Jaiswal, VP Marketing<Br>Adda52“Nothing could have predicted the change in media consumption patterns as seen in these times of lockdowns. However, we had guesstimated certain patterns and aligned our branding efforts accordingly. With people working and spending all of their time at home it is evident that the digital and TV screen time is increasing as suggested by industry reports like BARC and comScore. People are searching for ways to be entertained and engaged, making the gaming category topically relevant. We don’t know when life will resume normalcy, we are doing our share to support the fight against Covid-19. We conducted special tournaments from which a sum of Rs 4.5 lakh was donated to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund. We also introduced a special happy cell to resolve any game related concerns among existing players and our focus had been on providing a seamless experience of gaming to existing players.”

OOH spends

It is too early to foresee the future of OOH advertising and presumably, the model will change. Brands will have to be innovative about how they use OOH and impact measurement.”



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