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OOH goes green-friendly, Raj Outdoor shows how

By Bhawana Anand - November 13, 2019

The regional media owner, instead of cutting down trees located near the site, includes them in the advertising structure in Jamshedpur

Breaking the common perception that OOH is eco unfriendly, Jamshedpur based Raj Outdoor has taken an initiative to integrate on site greenery, making them a part of the advertising structure. The regional vendor recently obtained media rights to build and maintain 50 bus shelters under the Tata Steel Town Planning agenda where permanent stops are being created for buses running intercity. Out of these, some are decorated shelters, which are designed based on a garden theme to make them blend with the surrounding greenery. The tender has been acquired for 15 years.

“The idea is to not hamper any greenery located near the bus stops identified by the authority and also spread the message of greenery and cleanliness with the help of these decorated shelters,” shares Amit Raj, Proprietor of Raj Outdoor. As of now 24 shelters are being constructed, including one decorated shelter. The concept will be taken forward to other places basis the requirements, he adds.

The shelters are made up of Tata Steel materials wherein the pillars are painted to resemble a tree. The nearby trees are also painted in the same fashion to create aesthetic coordination. Further, the adjoining walls are being splashed with the ‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ message.

Brand Hero Motorcorp has come forward to leverage these uniquely designed shelters in the city where they have signed a deal with the media owning firm for a 3 month branding campaign. The brand is showcasing its new Hero Pleasure Plus launched this May.


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