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Maharashtra-based PVC flex manufacturers form Bombay Flex Association

By Pray Jani - February 19, 2020

Siddharth Doshi, owner of Gita & Company, appointed as Chairman of the association

Maharashtra-based PVC flex manufacturers have joined hands to form the Bombay Flex Association to safeguard their business interest and collectively tackle any issues that confront the flex manufacturing industry. The association has representation from manufacturers across Maharashtra. Siddharth Doshi, owner of Gita & Company, has been appointed as Chairman of the association.

Talking about the objective of the association, Siddharth commented, “Until now, there was no such body to represent the flex supplier. The flex association has been formed to support the flex industry and represent the grievances of the flex suppliers in the court of law, whenever required.”

The recent curbs on use of PVC flex for advertising in different states is a key reason for the formation of this association. Hitesh Jobalia, owner of Max Flex, who has played a key role in the formation of this body, said, “The association hopes to unite and organise the OOH industry as a whole and the role of flex in that. Today the flex poses a threat to the environment but the member of the association are individually looking at the ways to address that issue.”

Hitesh added that as an association, they aim to organise the management of PVC flex and extend the role not only to the supply and installation of it, but even after the campaign is complete. “I am working on a recycling setup for PVC flex. The long-term plan is to collect the flex and process them in these units so they don’t end up being burnt or disposed of in a hazardous manner.”

Moreover the association is planning to make operational guidelines to sort issues like delay in payments, etc


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