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Ludhiana civic body plans to impose heavy penalty on illegal media

By M4G Bureau - November 10, 2020

The officials of Ludhiana Municipal corporation is going to present a resolution in the General House meeting today

In order to remove illegal media from the city, Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has planned to impose heavy penalty on the printers and publishers of the content along with media owning firms. A new resolution regarding the same will be tabled in the General House meeting scheduled today.

The resolution is comprehensively designed comprising many clauses to put a complete halt on the illegal media installations which include various formats.

It has a provision to charge penalty of INR 50,000 on printers and publishers. Moreover, if the provision is not followed by the civic body superintendents, the new draft has a clause to charge fine of INR 5000/ day from them as well.

For the first time, vehicles used for branding purpose have been included in the illegal category, if carried out without permission. The corporation will charge an INR 50,000 penalty for them.

There is an exception for religious boards and hoardings. According to resolution, they will be permitted to be installed 10 days before the occasion with INR 2000 per board/hoarding fees. Wherein, illegal installation will be fined for INR 25,000 by the defaulter. 

For illegal LEDs- INR 25,000/LED, for illegal advertisements on poles and kiosks- INR 15,000 has been decided. Likewise, INR 25,000 fine to be charged for illegal media installation on police booths.

It is to note that LeafBerry Advertisements is authorised to conduct an outdoor advertising in the city for seven years as it has been given exclusive OOH media rights by the corporation as per legal tender allotment.



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