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JCDecaux launches tool to study impact of OOH creatives

By M4G Bureau - March 03, 2021

The tool called OPTIX uses machine learning to review the visual effectiveness of a creative and predict its performance for brands

Leading OOH player JCDecaux has launched a new proprietary creative effectiveness tool called JCDecaux OPTIX. The tool uses machine learning to review the visual effectiveness of creative and predict its performance. This provides advertisers with an understanding of what elements of their creative are driving the most audience engagement and viewer attention.

Created in collaboration with the global JCDecaux data science team, JCDecaux OPTIX is designed to help advertisers understand if their OOH creative execution is likely to attract the right amount of audience attention, in the right places. JCDecaux can provide saliency heatmap reports to its advertisers’ pre-campaign – and OPTIX may identify elements such as call to action and branding for improvement, in order to increase message memorability, recognition and effectiveness.

Essie Wake, Chief Marketing Officer, JCDecaux comments, “We have a long history of bringing audience intelligence and insight capabilities to the market so that our partners can have confidence in their Out-of-Home campaigns running across the JCDecaux network. But we know that media placement is only part of the equation – the creative is equally critical, and this is an area in which we can now help.

“JCDecaux now operates as a marketing intelligence and technology ecosystem, with a suite of data tools and capabilities across the entire planning, booking and delivery process, offering our advertising partners customisable support at every stage of their campaign. JCDecaux OPTIX complements our data capabilities by building a more powerful link between quality media and creative impact,” he adds.

Max Eburne, Chief Commercial Officer, JCDecaux says: “The launch of JCDecaux OPTIX shows our continued commitment to delivering the very best experience for our partners. As industry leaders, advertisers look to us to pave the way to achieve greater campaign results, and this innovation is just one of the ways that we will demonstrate our determination to propel our customers’ success in 2021 and beyond. JCDecaux OPTIX was launched alongside a suite of other product initiatives, such as targeting, for JCDecaux’s Transit advertisers.”



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