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‘Integrate DOOH screens for programmatic to kick in’

By N Jayalakshmi - October 12, 2021

Jayesh Yagnik, CEO, MOMS Outdoor Media sees bright prospects for pDOOH in the Indian markets

Jayesh Yagnik, CEO<br>MOMS Outdoor Media How promising is programmatic for the Indian OOH space?

Programmatic is a great development in Indian OOH. It has enhanced flexibility for OOH media and provides strong reporting filters. Ability to use the dv360 with programmatic helps build better connect between the OOH and the digital world

Lot of customised targeting is possible with pDOOH by time of day, weather, live reporting etc. The lead time is negligible as lot of real time changes are possible. These features are unique and easier to execute in pDOOH as compared to a regular campaign. There are also cost advantages in terms of production as compared to similar activities in a normal DOOH.

What has been your experience with pDOOH?

We have used pDOOH for a few of our brands and we see a rich reporting and control mechanism in this. One of our pDOOH campaigns gave us the ability to control the digital screen with surrounding environmental triggers. It provided information about the audiences and OTS as well during the campaign duration.

What do you think are the specific challenges that need to be addressed in the context of programmatic in the Indian OOH context?

The cost structure needs to be finalised as the same screen is shared by multiple brands in loops. Also, the number of screens in the DOOH universe need to be integrated to enable programmatic on them, for which the media concessionaire needs to give specific approvals and details. This will lead to a much stronger future for DOOH and pDOOH in the coming times as the DOOH universe is expanding in the country.


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