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Goel TMT expands railway media portfolio for mass visibility

By Bhawana Anand - November 06, 2020

The brand believes railway stations are the major touchpoint for creating mass visibility and enhanced branding

Doing away with the traditional practice of buying media from other parties, Goel Group, a leading TMT bars & pipes brand bags exclusive railway media rights for three stations in Chhattisgarh for branding and marketing purpose.

The rights have been given by South East Central Railway zone’s Raipur division for Raipur railway station, Durg railway station and Bhilai Power House railway station for five years each. The contract has been allotted for various kinds of formats available inside and outside stations.

In exclusive conversation with Media4Growth, Sharad Sahu, Marketing and Branding Head of Goel TMT, said, “Railway stations are a major touchpoint for us offering congregation points. These exclusive rights will help us in making an enhanced branding at these stations which wasn’t the case earlier. An OOH logo branding campaign seeking to grab million eyeballs along the move. Goel TMT, the numero uno integrated steel venture of Central India, has set out to proliferate its brand via the Indian Railways. The mighty Indian Railways carry over 20 million passengers every day to their destinations. That’s almost the entire population of Australia!”

Goel TMT has been in the business of steel for decades now under Goel Group, spread in various verticals such as media, education and power sector. The brand has plans to utilise this space for branding and marketing its various other businesses as well. Besides, the media will be rented out to other brands to some extent.

In terms of advertising, the brand has plans to create presence on FOB, escalators and other media which offer huge scope of innovative campaigning. An exclusive team has been set up by the brand for maintenance and management of these stations ensuring the condition of media remain guarded.

It is the first brand to use railway station water tanks as a branding media, taken in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh along with periphery walls of the station. Such branding helps the brand and its products by providing high visibility of 360 degree water tank.

Prior to this, the brand had invested in 40 railway engines as branding properties which are currently running across the nation. Ideated and strategised by Sharad Sahu, the entire logo branding campaign propagated the importance of steel.

“The whole OOH campaign was done to raise brand awareness and reinforce the fidelity and prowess of steel through the powerful presence of locomotive engine,” Sharad added.

Continuing this trend, Sharad shared that these kinds of investment in premium properties will also be done in future especially in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.





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