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Get the A-ha back into OOH: Business Strategist & Angel Investor Lloyd Mathias

By M4G Bureau - March 15, 2022

Lloyd Mathias listed out some quick calls for action in his presentation on the theme ‘How marketing can make the difference for media owning business’, in the India Talks OOH conference held in Mumbai.

Business Strategist & Angel Investor Lloyd Mathias began his presentation in the India Talks OOH conference held in Mumbai on March 8 by highlighting the shifts brought on by the pandemic, what he termed the ‘Black Swan event’, and drove home the need to look at the OOH business differently given the changed dynamics.      

Bringing up a relevant analogy, he said, “When there’s a storm, good fishermen mend their nets,” and went on to present his OOH wish list, drawing on his experience as a brand marketer and having witnessed the power of OOH in making an impact for top brands.

Topping his list was technology. “This is a great time to adopt technology. The right time to make the leap is now. Make the medium much smarter,” he emphasised and highlighted the need to bring in elements like smart billboards that can give clients 100% visibility. 

Technology could also help in enhancing the interactivity and engagement quotient with elements like QR codes, calls to action, social media shares, etc. Contextual and localised OOH was another important aspect that Lloyd listed out, made more relevant when compared with the digital medium where localisation and personalisation are the key drivers. Lloyd brought up Spotify as a great example of contextual and localised advertising and reinforced the need to build creative specifically for OOH. Lloyd also made an important point when he talked about the need for the OOH industry to engage with the creative process and mentioned the example of radio and how RJs were given the scripts and asked to improvise, with good results.

He then talked about making OOH part of an integrated marketing plan, while factoring in the media multiplier impact of OOH and integrating it with other media like print and digital. Metrics are of course at the core of making the medium more impactful and he stressed on the importance of deeper and better metrics with audience tracking cameras, real time measurement of audiences, measuring social media shares.

Lloyd pointed to the potential of the OOH medium to be a strong community platform and reiterated the need to leverage the medium to give back to the community through traffic updates and scrollers offering real time updates on air quality, weather, stock prices, cricket scores etc. He also highlighted a few effective examples of community OOH through utilities like air conditioned bus shelters, stands for food delivery boys, bike stands, etc.

Future-ready OOH came next on his wish list and in this context he talked about safety and legal compliance and about making OOH green in terms of environment friendly materials and processes. Finally, he urged the industry to “Get the A-ha back into OOH”. “Make OOH the talking point. Create shock and awe,” he summed up emphatically.


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