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Edelweiss Mutual Fund plans for OOH campaign in 12 cities to demystify Balanced Advantage Funds’ benefits

By M4G Bureau - October 27, 2020

Using the analogy of a raider in the game of Kabaddi, the campaign will also spread across digital & TV

Edelweiss Mutual Fund has launched a new marketing campaign to explain the benefits of investing in Balanced Advantage Funds (BAFs) which help to tackle market ups and downs.

The TVC will be broadcasted on TV channels and multiple digital platforms like Inshorts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Programmatic, Quora and many more. It will also be showcased on OOH media in 12 cities. The campaign will also be released across all Edelweiss Mutual Fund’s social media platforms.

Using the analogy of a raider in kabaddi like how the raider devises his strategy by either moving forward or backward and even attacking or defending depending on the way the opposing team reacts. Similarly, BAFs use a unique investment strategy to manage market ups and downs by adjusting their equity and debt proportion on the basis of market conditions to protect investments.

The TVC plays out on a kabaddi arena. The raider representing BAFs is shown entering the market territory saying “Badhao, Badhao”. As the opposing team tries to catch the raider, he steps back chanting “Bachao Bachao”, to protect himself. Later, sensing an opportunity again, he goes ahead and tags some of the players on the opposing side. When he is surrounded, he realises that he should retreat before it’s too late. As he notices even the slightest chance of victory, he makes an aggressive move to score points for his team. This beautifully summarises the dynamic investment strategy of BAFs of generating returns during market upside and protecting investments during market downside by adjusting equity proportions on the basis of market conditions.

Commenting on the launch, Radhika Gupta, MD & CEO, Edelweiss Asset Management Ltd, said, “Mutual fund communication is perceived to be technical and complicated. As a brand, we’ve always focused on simplifying investor communication by using the power of storytelling and everyday analogies. Sports is a universal theme - relatable and understood by all, and kabaddi is a game that every Indian has either watched or played at some point in time. It has interesting analogies with Balanced Advantage Funds. This fund category, like a perfect raider in kabaddi, manages market ups and down by making the best of both trends.”



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