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‘Clients need Creativity & Data together’

By Bhawana Anand - November 08, 2019

The much-argued topic – Data & Creativity was discussed where panelists stated the importance of both in executing a well-lit plan

In a panel discussion on the topic ‘Data & Creativity in Advertising’ conducted at one day event titled ‘DeViate’, organized by the WPP programmatic media company, Xasis, the panelists presented their views on the tussle between the data and creativity in advertising. the session was moderated by Babita Baruah, Managing Partner, GTB and the panelists included Neeraj Singhal, Country Manager - India, Zeotap, Vinod Thadani, Chief Digital Officer - South Asia, Mindshare, Udayan Chakravarty, Executive Creative Director & VP, Wunderman Thompson and Kunik Patel, Industry Head – Tech, Telecom, OEM & QSR, InMobi.

Babita opened the session by asking if both data & creativity complements each other or not. On this Udayan clarified that there is definitely no versus between both of them. The industry needs to come in terms to harness the synergy that exists between the fantasy world of data and new organism that creativity brings in.

Vinod highlighted the importance of both data & creativity. “Creativity has existed forever which narrates the brand story wherein data tells about the right messaging to be done at the right time to the right audience. Creativity is about the effectiveness and data is about efficiency and clients have evolved where they need both”, explained Vinod.

According to Neeraj, the data and creativity is like art and science. “Data is to drive insights to do better than past by analyzing the problem-solving methods but data can’t into human space. data will lead to creativity but can’t work on silos”.

And mobile platform is the one which can bridge both of them together, according to Neeraj. “Mobile platform is a great source to collect data which can create user personalization to lead from awareness phase to transactional stage.


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