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Cab advertising back on growth gear

By Bhawana Anand - February 25, 2021

Having emerged as a versatile platform for branding and brand engagement activities, and offering enough scope for innovations, cab advertising has become a sought after OOH format, with brands becoming more experimental with it, even using it for trial advertising

Even as the OOH industry grapples with the after effects of the pandemic and each outdoor format fights tooth and nail to emerge from the consequences, cab branding as an OOH  medium seems to have found a silver lining .

Cab advertising & branding has seen accelerated demand in the last decade, offering an engaging platform to brands.

“Permitted to resume operations during Unlock Drive 4.0, cabs are following the safety model issued by the ISO & WHO. Cab ridership has in fact surged by 40-50% in the last couple of months, though it remains half of what it was pre-Covid. Interestingly, the booking for intra-city ridership has increased steeply post-Lockdown, with passengers finding cab to be the safest mode of transport. Also, the number of inter-city trips has surged in the metro cities. As a result, brands have found a new confidence in cab branding,” shares Raghu Khanna, Founder & CEO, CashUrDrive, a leading cab branding agency. 

As Raghu adds, with traffic on roads growing post-lockdown, the dwell time with relation to cabs has also increased. “The average time spent in a cab is 45+ minutes in Mumbai, which is even higher than New York. This gives a fair amount of time for a brand to engage and connect with the passenger,” he says.

Recently, CashUrDrive undertook a cab sampling activity for brand Storia Foods, wherein their newly launched immunity booster drink was given to passengers for tasting. This offered a direct consumer engagement opportunity for the brand with the audience too being in a more receptive mode. Explaining the efficacy of the activity, Raghu adds, “Currently, RWA activations or on-ground events are under restrictions due to safety concerns, hence cab came across as a direct way for the brand to get in touch with the audiences.”

Talking about the cost factor, Raghu explains that with the rising numbers in cab ridership, a holistic approach by brands and the availability of insightful data with regard to audience demographics, the cost incurred on this medium can be quite low, especially when compared to the possible ROI.

Internationally, cab advertising is also becoming a part of programmatic platform providing agencies, brands and programmatic buyers with the tools and flexibility to create dynamic, highly targeted campaigns. Raghu finds this quite effective for dynamic targeting based on demographics with the required set of platforms. However, it is yet to take off in India.

CashUrDrive is also initiating innovative and highly focused cab advertising roadshows, wherein a large set of branded cars will roam around a particular area to create maximum traction for a brand or product. “This kind of activity is best suited for locations where there are no outdoor displays, hence the cabs drive in and around the area, particularly to announce the launch of a store. This can take an innovative approach, such as drop facility for people along with voucher distribution and more,” explains Raghu.

Well, it certainly looks like cab advertising is here to stay and grow, offering newer and more innovative OOH opportunities to brands. 






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