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Brands line up to grab their pie during Ganesh Utsav

By Pray Jani - September 04, 2019

With footfalls of over 3-5 crore across Mumbai alone, brands find Ganesh Utsav a great opportunity to capture the attention of their TG, even during times of market slump

Best ForEvery year, Ganesh Utsav brings with it a slew of opportunities for brands to closely connect with their target audience for a sustained period of time. The branding opportunities include queue branding, gate branding, ambient advertising and many more. The famous Lalbaugcha Raja has over 10 lakh people coming to worship the idol of Lord Ganesh each day. “For the first 3 days, we see about 2-3 lakh people, and then it picks up. People wait in the line for 3-4 hours where the media is placed,” said Haris Zaidi, Associate Vice-President (West), Coral Media.

Ganesh UtsavIn Mumbai, the region around Curry Road is most active during Ganesh Utsav with several pandals around the location. Streets are installed with several temporary media formats that continue for a period of 11 days. Kala Chauki, Chinchpokli, Hind Mata, Ganesh Gali, Lower Parel station are the areas circling around Lalbaugcha Raja. The footfalls during the Ganesh Utsav in these areas total around one crore people.

Brands like Frooti and its competitors Maaza, Bisleri, and other brands have placed themselves at prime locations in these areas and some brands leverage it to the best possible extent. MI, for example, has created a new exclusive branding area where the brand has installed a digital screen playing content on their product nonstop. Brands like MAX, Chings, TVS Apache, Jhonson Tiles, Hero Cycle and various others have made a prominent presence in the pandals with unique branding opportunities.

Ganesh UtsavEnabling these brands stand out are various media owners with their offerings of strategic space. Jaaguar Media Solutions for example has an area of 26,000 sq. ft. for branding in these prime locations, including the Lower Parel station; a regular hub. “Worshipers travel from M.P., Gujarat, and other places from the country also visit Lalbaug. People even wait for 1-2 days in line to touch the feet of the idol which makes it an ideal location for brands to create visibility,” said Ajay Patel, Partner, Jaaguar Media Solutions.

Although this year the market saw a slight decline in demand with many sites having gone empty, some new brands have entered the market, recognizing the potential of the festival. “The demand has been low compared to last year. Many hoardings are still going empty, which is quite unusual in this season,” said Haris. Similar views were shared by Ajay, “Due to the recession period, it was difficult to acquire clients. We managed to fill all our sites by lowering the price. But more importantly, we offer some of the best locations and assure a footfall of 1 crore or more during these 10 days of the festival. And about 99% of our clients are direct clients. Only 1% come through agencies.”

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