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Alakh Advertising & Publicity launches digital marketing arm

By Pray Jani - May 18, 2020

The Mumbai-based media owner expands its services to offer online marketing services

Alakh Advertising and Publicity has announced the launch of its digital marketing wing amid the lockdown. Already in the pipeline, the digital marketing arm has been planned to counter-balance the dip in OOH business in the face of adverse market conditions.

The company has plans to offer collaborated marketing solutions to their clients including OOH along with social media targeting through Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram for better targeting.

Commenting on how the industry might shape up post-lockdown, Neeta Gulati, Director of Alakh Advertising and Publicity says, “We see a lot of media owners surrendering their contracts as they were taken at exorbitant rates and OOH is not seeing any demand right now. There is no way to get back our investments. Moreover, agencies are asking for 60%-70% discounts after the lockdown, which is impossible to meet.”

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has undergone several administrative changes recently and there is uncertainty about their take on OOH advertising. Today, media owners are hoping for some 35% rebate on the license fee, in light of the reduced business activities. Neeta says it is going to be very difficult to stage a business recovering without any external support.


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