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Ahmedabad’s geography curbing its OOH potential

By Pray Jani - August 07, 2019

Regional media owner feels that the city offers no scope for cluster branding, which is preferred by brands

Chitra (B) PublicityAhmedabad is a promising OOH market with great potential for outdoor advertising industry and various regional brands competing for exposure in the city. But it appears that the geographical limitations of the city curb OOH potential, with brands not getting enough opportunities for cluster branding.

Bakulesh Mehta, Proprietor of Chitra (B) Publicity, feels that Ahmedabad OOH faces a major challenge due to its geographical constraints.

Fact is that brands, especially national and multinational ones, prefer cluster branding, which helps them in creating unmissable brand identity, along with offering strong storytelling opportunities. But a city like Ahmedabad offers little scope for cluster branding.

As Shaishiv Mehta, Director of Chitra (B) Publicity explains, “Unlike Mumbai, which is a vertical stretch along the coast, Ahmedabad’s geographical expanse is in a circle. This poses limitation because it leaves little possibility for a stretch of hoardings along the roads. OOH in Ahmedabad is ideal only at junctions, and the city offers little or no provisions for clustered sites.”

However, some prime locations in Ahmedabad such as Pakwan crossroads, Sindhu Bhawan road and Prahladnagar offer a few long stretches where outdoor can prevail in a neat, organized fashion. Bus shelters, kiosks, hoardings are some of the formats that Chitra (B) Publicity uses across the city.

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