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‘Advertising opportunities will expand with airport expansion,’ says KL Sharma

By Mohit Manghani - July 31, 2019

The Director - Commercial, AAI, spoke about the entry of private players in the aviation Industry and the potential for advertisers to grow with airport expansion, at the 15th Outdoor Advertising Convention held in Mumbai on July 26th and 27th

At the Outdoor Advertising Convention, 2019 event, KL Sharma, Executive Director - Commercial, Airport Authority of India, spoke on 'Airport Expansion Plans - What's in there for the Advertising Industry’ in an conversation with Rajiv Raghunath, Managing Editor, Media4 Growth & Outdoor Asia.

Addressing a room full of OOH professionals, brand marketers, and specialist agency owners, KL Sharma drew attention towards the booming aviation market, growing domestic passenger in India and how the growth of private players is bringing in flexibility to the industry. KL Sharma commented, "The entry of private market players has introduced a lot of flexibility to this industry as government agencies need to follow a lot of rules and guidelines."

KL Sharma also stated that expansion of airports will bring new and bigger opportunities to the advertising world. "New media opportunities will arise when the airport expands. With more infrastructure, advertisers will get a better chance to improve passenger experience at airports." KL Sharma also encouraged advertisers to reach out to the aviation ministry to share their views and engage with authorities on important policy issues.

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