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‘We see 20%-25% business growth each year’

By Shradha Mishra - November 07, 2018

Mumbai-based Splash Digital is seeing strong business growth, even as the firm focuses on UV printing. Vivek Sejpal, Director, Splash Digital, talks about the business.

What are your initiatives in the areas of 3 layer UV printing and green printing?

We have a designing team of 3 persons who completely focus on sobering the creative sent by our clients, to highlight the brand product by adding sharpness, edge, and boldness to the product design. Besides, we give 3-year, no-colour fading guarantee for outdoor printing. Till today we have not received any complaints in this regard. Yes, three-layer UV printers are Green Guard certified, hence completely eco-friendly. Also, the cartridges used in printing are nickel (environment harmful chemical mixed in cartridges) free. Our eco-solvent printers are used for both indoor and indoor printing. We assure to provide best photogenic prints from this machine. Premium category brands like Oppo, Vivo, Apple iPhone, Raymond’s pick UV printing on flexes and fabrics.

What is your projection for the printing industry?

Gradually all DPs have to get into UV, because the market demands UV printing. Solvent printing will remain in its position because of minimal printing rates.

How do you see business in the last 12 months?

We are seeing progress with 20%-25% expansion with each passing year – both in business turnover and growth and infrastructure. This is happening because our customers are satisfied with the printing results and services that we offer.

What is your company's current vision and what is in the pipeline?

The vision is to step from solvent printing to UV printing completely. Today, I own one UV printer and four other solvent printer. I am planning to switch to 4 UV and one solvent machine. In the pipeline we have 5/10 UV flatbed machine, which can print on any flat material from wood to glass to tiles up to four inches of height. It also has the 3-layer option where an embossed effect on printing material like – fibre glass can be given. We will have this machine installed by mid-January 2019 in our factory. Our target market with this machine will be architectural, interiors, tiles. We will also work on customised printing on these materials.

What are the challenges you face in outdoor printing for the Mumbai market?

There is lack of unity amongst digital printers, in terms of pricing. Also, we face the problem of delayed payments from our clients. We don’t receive payments before 6 months after the work is completed. On paper we offer 60-90 day credit term but it gets extended to 90-120 days.



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