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‘It’s about arousing curiosity in the minds of consumers’

By Ria Banerjee - February 14, 2018

Siddharthaa Sawansukha, CEO of Kolkata-based Sawansukha Jewellers, talks about the brand’s approach to OOH advertising and how compelling creativity acts as the differentiator on the OOH landscape

Given that jewellery is a highly competitive business, what are the key facets of your brand communication strategy?

Jewellery is a prized possession for women. Today, even men are adorning fashionable jewellery. Our brand strategy builds on inspiration, a cognitive approach and persuasion. For each design that we create has a story to be told and draws inspiration from the nature, people and relationships. Sawansukha Jewellers doesn’t want people to merely read the content; rather we want them to visit us and see for themselves how and why we are different.

Most jewellery brands enjoy a strong presence on the outdoor media in Kolkata. How do you position your brand amidst the clutter? 

There is strong competition but we have carved a niche for ourselves basing on our strong and rich heritage that goes back 250 years. Our creative is not merely about women wearing jewellery with information about the brand/offer. At Sawansukha Jewellers, our jewellery is our hero and every creative has an interesting concept curated that has a series of interconnected stories.

What is the basis for your selection of OOH formats and locations?

We choose the formats in a manner that they all relate to one another, and the choice of locations is governed by the visibility factor. Prime sites always draw the attention of consumers whether they are driving or walking.

What role does outdoor medium play in your media planning?

The outdoor medium does have some role to play, but at the end of the day it is our product, our heritage and our goodwill that play the major role. If the product is not good enough to capture the attention of the consumer, advertising will be an exercise in futility.

How do you bring about good creativity in your outdoor communications?

We get our creatives designed in a way that makes consumers think about our products. What is it that’s coming up? For instance, when we started working on the concept of Sohna by Sawansukha, we started with the image of a priest with the caption “Future of Gold”. The idea was to create curiosity in people. A priest forecasts the future and blesses the devotees. At Sohna, we have the finest gold jewellery at the fairest price, so we wanted to induce this perception in the minds of consumers on what will be the future of gold and how will it be different.

What challenges do you see while planning and executing OOH campaign?

Challenges are a part and parcel of branding and marketing and when we opt for outdoor campaigns, we are cognizant of the challenges, which in any case influence our competition too.

Could you share the percentage of your budget that goes to OOH?

We utilise a large part of our branding spends on this media.

What changes would you want to see in the outdoor media?

There is scope for improvement in the placement and presentation of the media. Besides, the clutter of media has to be reduced.

How open are you to experimenting with formats like digital OOH?

Experimentation is always a key factor for development and it should always be there as it creates room for betterment. We think there should be more ways for one to one communication with the consumers.

What are your preferred OOH formats for advertising?

Hoarding in a preferred location is our preferred OOH format for advertising.






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