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“Interactive OOH will provide more storytelling opportunities’

By Bhawana Anand - October 02, 2017

A homegrown brand Mother Dairy views OOH as a multi-faceted platform for communications. With DOOH media gradually coming into its own, there is a lot more than brands to go for in the OOH space, shares Randhir Kumar, General Manager – Marketing (Dairy Products), Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd.

As more people spend more time out of home, do you see a greater reason to drive OOH advertising for deepening your brand’s consumer connect?

OOH medium serves as a great platform to support the overall brand communication. Over the years, the time spent outside home is increasing for every one of us; be it for office travel, socialising with friends or family experiences; the consumer time-spending pattern is changing. Therefore, the OOH medium helps augment a 360-degree approach, by supplementing other mediums deployed like TV, print, radio, digital, etc.

As OOH becomes multi-faceted with dynamic transit media and activations, and like, is there scope for more compelling brand story telling in the outdoor?

The OOH medium has many faces to it. Many a time it just becomes a brand recall space whereas with dynamic transit media and activations coming into picture, the OOH medium becomes multi-faceted, although much of it has not been explored by marketers in India. In large format stores, interactive OOH mediums are available, which gives the brands to do more storytelling rather than just a mere product display. Similarly, in traditional and ambient OOH mediums (such as malls, food courts, etc.), there’s a lot of scope for brands to build a greater connect with the audience.

Will expansion of DOOH give brands greater reason to up the OOH spends?

DOOH is a relatively newer concept in the overall OOH field. Saying that, if DOOH is giving a better traction for a particular product or overall brand, it can up the ante for a brand like ours.

Do you also see OOH as a strong medium to connect with consumers in non-metro cities?

OOH as a medium can be very helpful in non-metro cities since a few key spots in such regions can derive greater mileage. Additionally, in non-metro cities, there is a clutter of brands in other mediums (such as print and radio) as there are fewer options available. Since, the cost of opting for outdoor hoardings is comparatively cheaper in the non-metro cities, a brand can tactfully be present across catchment areas of the town and can generate reasonable consumer traction.

What would be the highlights of your brand’s recent OOH campaigns and what were the takeaways?

There were a few OOH campaigns from Mother Dairy Brand done in the recent past. One was announcing our association with Delhi Daredevils, whereas the other two were more product-centric – launching a new product – Ek Dum Aam ice cream in Mumbai and initiating conversations around our dairy beverages range in Delhi/NCR& upcountry markets.

To announce our association with Delhi Daredevils through OOH medium, we had opted for approx. 45 high-impact sites for a period of 21 days. The sites were taken to build the frequency in order to reach the youngsters. In addition, the booth-fascia of all Mother Dairy Milk Shops in Delhi/NCR was also changed to showcase the association.

Since Mango is a preferred flavour in the Western region, to announce the launch of our Ek Dum Aam ice cream in Mumbai, we initiated the OOH campaign at the onset of the summer season with approx. 70 sites in catchment areas. Some hand-picked sites had been taken to project the imagery of the Brand and the overall campaign spanned out for 21 days.

Lastly, in order to initiate conversations and to create a top of the mind recall for our dairy beverages range, we had initiated OOH campaigns in Delhi/NCR and other upcountry markets. The campaign involved high-impact sites in Delhi/NCR and upcountry markets, mostly in market area, junction points and main arterial routes, which assisted in building occurrence and gaining more and more eyeballs.

What changes do you anticipate in the OOH space?

Going forward, we anticipate the OOH medium to come across as a more interactive platform, thereby increasing conversations around a brand rather than grabbing just eye-balls. We also hope that innovation in OOH medium will become a differentiating factor in times to come.




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