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‘Creative people need to study OOH in depth’

By Bhawana Anand - October 22, 2018

Albert Pereira, Chief Digital Director and Co-Founder, Mio Design shares his thoughts on bringing alive OOH campaigns creatively

Creativity is key to advertising, and there is a question mark on creativity in outdoor advertising in India. What are your thoughts on this?

Creativity in advertising in India is under question? Not sure that it is. Technology is a little slow and when compared to developed markets there might seem to be a bit of a divide. We have some great campaigns that have been strategic and some brilliantly creative. The innovation space is booming in the key metros and agencies are taking full advantage of the space. I think agencies are pushing it when it comes to using the outdoor space to communicate to key audiences.

In the OOH space, is creativity all about innovations, or is there more to it?

There is a lot more. Innovations help you stand out but are not the be all and end all for the medium. It is about the consistency of message, placement (geographic targeting) and size of the OOH. Loads to consider while developing and executing an outdoor campaign.

As many of the OOH creatives are adapted from print or TV creatives, is there scope for any creativity around adaptation?

Yes, a lot of the campaigns are adaptations but it is about the understanding of the medium and developing of something around key campaign visuals and tailor making them for the sizes chosen for the OOH leg. We choose to look at the OOH media first and then see how we could bring the campaign alive creatively.

There is seemingly a paucity of creative minds in the OOH industry. Do you think OOH specialist agencies should start hiring creative talents?

I think the OOH industry needs to believe in themselves and creative people need to study the media a lot more. Like other industries, OOH would need to look at the right people. Yes,
bring in the right creative people.

With the onset of digital OOH, do you see a greater scope for creativity in OOH advertising?

Digital redefines and reformulates everything. The industry itself will unlearn and then relearn the trade. Measurement, creative messaging, interactivity and impact will be redefined.

Which in your view has been among the best Indian OOH creatives that you have seen?

The creative execution of the Reliance Life Retirement Solutions outdoors campaign. Sachin Tendulkar’s retirement solutions campaign. Sudhir (Sachin's greatest Fan) God may be retiring, his devotion should not. Support Sudhir #GreatestFan.

You could also mention any international creative that captured your attention?

The Greenpeace 2018 “Dead whale” has washed up in Manila campaign was outstanding.

Any message to the OOH industry on the creative quotient?

The time is fast approaching for the industry. Time to buckle up and embrace a new world of OOH. Interactive, responsive, real-time, measurable and quantifiable.



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