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‘Constant ideation is vital’ : Tarun Mehrotra

By Bhawana Anand - April 04, 2019

Tarun Mehrotra, Chief Service Officer & National Head -Marketing and Sales, Tata Housing Development Company, shares the company’s OOH strategy

You recently conducted an innovative Dual Printing OOH campaign. Could you please share the idea behind the campaign and how this innovation fulfills the need of the campaign?

Through this campaign, we wanted our customers to experience the delightful views that could be enjoyed from a home at Serein. This was achieved through a series of photographic shots and views taken at various times of the day. The campaign thus leveraged the power of photography through day and evening shots to drive home the brand message.

The OOH sites were selected based on the volume of traffic during morning and evening and we decided to highlight the corresponding shots in our advertisement. However, since we also wanted to explore a way to feature both our shots within the same ad in our site, we made use of the innovative Dual Printing technology.

What role does OOH advertising play in the 360 degree marketing campaign?

OOH has always been an important medium to announce the product proposition to customers. Besides, in today’s digital era, it also comes in handy in ensuring top-of-the-mind recall while acting as another touch point. All these factors have been working well and delivering good results for us.

Tata Housing is always known for its OOH innovations. How does this approach help?

At Tata Housing, we have constantly worked on creatives that are relatable to the audience while being informative. We have thus been driving our business through innovation in product and marketing.

How do you zero upon different innovations for different communications?

Our strategy remains simple; wherein the need to keep ideating is vital. We are constantly exploring newer options. While ideating, we also look at how these ideas can be implemented innovatively- we try to look at different methods of delivering our message.

Any specific challenges you face when it comes to innovating on the OOH playground?

While OOH as a medium has grown in leap and bounds over the years, there still exist various challenges:
• OOH cannot be limited to just hoardings and billboards. Digital signage/ billboard, building wraps, standees, and transit advertising etc., while present, are not very widely used.
• There is huge potential for innovation in this medium, which has not been widely accepted and or tapped.
• Additionally, demonetization had impacted the industry adversely and the current government regulations are very stringent.

There is an urgent need to address the above issues for this medium to grow in terms of revenue and technology.

What changes do you anticipate in the OOH industry?

The growth of OOH advertising is driven by the ever-changing lifestyle and demographic trends, the macro-dynamic variables, enhanced consumer awareness, increased spending capacity by advertisers, and a growing population who spend a majority of time outside their home.

This growing demand is expected to help introduce more innovations within the industry. More innovations would not only grab more eyeballs, but also allow advertisers to create advertisements that are more applicable and relevant to their consumer. The need of the hour is to create great brand recall.



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