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May 24, 2018

NGC Photo Ark initiative campaigns for endangered species

IOAA, with the help of Zenith OOH, brings the worldwide campaign to India to drive the attention of the masses towards endangered species. This year, the Endangered Species Day breaks boundaries through a worldwide OOH campaign

April 19, 2018

Activa 5G scripts the language of love

The brand has launched a 360 degree ad campaign - ‘Love Is Growing’ -- for its Activa 5G. The campaign’s objective is to showcase the universal love for Activa

April 05, 2018

Coca Cola’s Bromance on OOH soon

GLO, the outdoor wing of Lodestar UM, that handles the account is expected to release a wide-scale OOH campaign in the coming weeks

March 08, 2018

Futek Digital plans to expand network of screens

A whole gamut of brands that include BMW, Coke, Swarovski, and Minute Maid have advertised on this media, for brand building and promotional purposes; firm plans to foray into different cities

December 26, 2017

ad-roller showcases tech event on Namma Metro escalator

Handrail branding growing in popularity

December 05, 2017

‘Exclusive rights, metrics, RoI vital to OOH’s competitiveness’

The panelists shared their perspectives on the catalysts for OOH growth in Delhi NCR and other markets around the country at the Delhi NCR Talks OOH Conference

December 04, 2017

‘As demand for green printing picks up, costs are bound to come down’

Naresh Kumar Dasari, MD of Macro Media Digital Imaging and Bhagwath Prasad, MD of Printech Digital advocated the reasons for OOH to go green, in their joint presentation at the Delhi NCR Talks OOH Conference

December 04, 2017

‘Exclusive rights, metrics, RoI vital to OOH’s competitiveness’

The panelists shared their perspectives on the catalysts for OOH growth in Delhi NCR and other markets around the country at the Delhi NCR Talks OOH Conference

December 04, 2017

‘OOH should give brands innovative, iconic, interesting experience’

Dhiraj Kapoor, Head – BTL, Intex Technology India, speaks on ‘What factors will drive brands to plan big for northern OOH markets’ said the i-3 approach will likely engage more brands in the OOH space

December 02, 2017

‘DTC bus is the oldest advertising format in Delhi NCR’

Dr R S Minhas, Deputy Chief General Manager, Delhi Transport Corporation presented how the oldest advertising format of the capital still continues to be pivotal to outdoor advertising in Delhi NCR

December 01, 2017

‘DMRC has made a paradigm shift in its advertising business approach’

Sharat Sharma, Director-Operations, DMRC spoke about fresh media investment opportunities on the Metro network in his presentation on ‘How innovatively can OOH maximise opportunities in urban transit space’ at Delhi NCR Talks OOH Conference

November 30, 2017

‘Globally OOH is leveraging mobility in significant ways’

In his session at Delhi NCR Talks OOH, David Payne, Founder, Mediabridge Global, presented a comparative study of technology adoption in the OOH space in global markets. He also engaged in a focused discussion with Satyabrata Das, Head - Strategic Alliances and Corporate Communications, Laqshya Media Group, on the opportunities in the Indian market

November 30, 2017

‘Delhi NCR is bristling with OOH growth opportunities’

Suresh Balakrishna, CEO, Kinetic Advertising India, highlighted the myriad OOH avenues that are opening up in the region, buoyed by a large, young consumer base, domineering presence of top advertising brands, and potential for DOOH expansion

November 30, 2017

‘OOH must extend maximum value to advertising brands’

Prem Shankar Jha, Dy Commissioner, South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) highlighted the critical need for the OOH industry to create the right conditions for advertising brands to showcase their offerings in the most compelling

November 30, 2017

‘OOH success in large airports is paving way for OOH growth in smaller airports’

RK Singh, Executive Director - Commercial, Airport Authority of India (AAI) shares their evolving & friendlier approach towards simpler policy to deliver maximum benefits to investing media companies. AAI is also shifting focus towards airports of smaller towns that have enormous unlocked potential

September 20, 2017

OAA 2017: Celebrating Indian OOH Excellence

The OAA 2017 show, organised in Mumbai on July 28, turned the spotlight on the most outstanding OOH works that were executed in 2016-17, with the very best winning the metals

September 19, 2017

FBB boards Delhi Metro Line 2 with new offerings

The branding was planned by Brandscapes and executed by eg. communications which holds the Delhi Metro media rights on this line.

September 04, 2017

‘OOH is primed for accelerated growth’

Noomi Mehta, Chairman, IOAA, pointed out that in the coming years the growth opportunities for the outdoor industry will grow manifold in tandem with the national economy and rapid development.

September 04, 2017

Nabendu Bhattacharyya anchors the Quintessential OOH Quiz

Nabendu Bhattacharyya, CEO & Managing Director of Milestone Brandcom, conducted the quiz show in a highly engaging manner once again at this year’s Convention.

September 02, 2017

’10 best ways to market OOH’

V L Rajesh as a marketer pointed out that OOH is about communication and that should reflect in the way the OOH players approach for business

August 31, 2017

"Creativity at DOOH is essential to draw brands to invest"

Rosh Singh, Director of Digital Innovation & Head of Kinetic Active & KineticX, UK throws light on ‘How DOOH can pull more brands to the outdoor’

August 31, 2017

“Airport offers experience not products”

Ramendra Kumar Singh, Executive Director, Commercial Department, Airport Authority of India, throws light on ‘Airport modernisation & infra expansion – what’s there for OOH’

August 31, 2017

Digital OOH will drive the consumption of this platform

Raman Kalra, Partner, Entertainment & Media Sector, PwC India emphasized on ‘How emerging media consumption patterns impact OOH’

August 31, 2017

Factors contributing to the ideal deployment of DOOH site

Mahesh (Mac) Gangam, Shenzhen Atenti Technologies, China presented “Digital billboard site development”

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