Tempesta’s new range of luxury tiles

by VJ Media Bureau | May 23, 2013

The luxury brand in the business of manufacturing decorative stone tiles introduces premium tile range for commercial spaces.

Tempesta, the decorative stone tiles manufacturing company by Tarun Oberoi and Vineet Khosla, launched their new range of premier tiles targeting architects and interior designers looking for luxury alternates for commercial purpose and home decor. The simplicity of traditional stone blended with leather and other surface finishes gives unique look and appeal. The decorative tiles can be used for flooring, a statement bathroom, a dramatic feature wall or niche, a fireplace surround,  counter top, a study wall, a visual tapestry. Each tile is crafted and finished by hand which and comes in warm and vivid colors.
Murano Stone - Inspired by the traditional Venetian technique of Murano glassmaking, the MuranoStone tiles and mosaics are a dazzling kaleidoscope of colours on a natural stone surface.
Leather Stone - The stunning fusion of genuine leather and natural stone creates these unique LeatherStone tiles and panels. Natural stone tiles clad with exquisitely finished Italian/European leather through a patented process - plush and luxurious!
Artistic Stone - Beautiful artistic patterns engraved into Italian/Imported marble and finished with special metal plating transfer techniques.
Tarun Oberoi and Vineet Khosla jointly own Tempesta which is the first manufacturer in India to utilize Italian technology to produce impeccable surface finishes on natural stone tiles.  Natural stone is a one-of-a-kind building material which is known for its strength and durability. The tiles are a combination of Italian style and domestic production to create a world-class collection of tiles.
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