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Bright Media retains Dadar stations media rights

By Pray Jani - September 09, 2019

The firm considers this as an essential property for branding connecting two parts of the city

Already handling for last five years, Bright Outdoor Media Pvt. Ltd announces that they have retained the media rights for the next 5 years, earlier this month. Dadar station is a strategic location since it connects the three railway lines existing in Mumbai.

Bright OutdoorSpeaking to Yogesh Lakhani, CMD, Bright Outdoor Media Pvt. Ltd., about the significance of the station he said, “From strategical point of view it is the lifeline of Mumbai. It’s the mid-way which connects Central Mumbai to Western Mumbai. Moreover, it connects Mumbai with other cities as well so a wide range of target audience can be captures through this location.”

Bright OutdoorBright Outdoor Media has installed a number of static media there, with sizes spanning from 3 x 6 feet, 8 x 4 feet to, the biggest format is going up to 20 x 10 feet. These formats are located at various locations, from booking office in the interior, entry and exit points, to even the circulating area on the outsides. Their media is also placed on the FOB that commuters use to reach their desired platforms.

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