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Loyal Ads takes Idea Cellular to great heights in Ooty

By VJ Media Bureau - May 15, 2014

The Chennai-based media owning firm brands over 120 dwelling units on a hill to build a looming presence for the cellular major in the bustling hill station

Innovation is the name of the game. Chennai-based media owning firm Loyal Ads has taken an innovative path to create a looming presence for cellular major Idea Cellular in the popular tourist destination -- Ooty in Tamil Nadu. The media owning firm, having branded close to 50 dwelling units on the slope of a hill in Valview in Loveday with the Idea logo, is now increasing the coverage to over 120 houses.

Loyal Ads has entered into a three-year agreement with the village that houses the branded dwelling units, wherein the firm is also undertaking community development activities there like building a compound wall around the village temple.

Commenting on the branding exercise, Ponnappan Venkatachalam, Managing Director, Loyal Ads, said the location is strategic in that it is visible to people approaching the hill station by road, even as they negotiate the hair-bend curves.

Loyal Ads is an active OOH player in key cities in Tamil Nadu like Chennai, Tirunelveli, and Coimbatore.



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